Possibility of Dairy Farm business in North Bengal

Farmers of Kamtapur (official Northbengal area) region now take a look on dairy farming besides crop or vegetable cultivation. Most of farmers from this area do cultivate rice, maize, musterd, jute, potato. In some area they cultivate tobacco. In winter season vegetables are prime cultivation in this area. But most of times they dont get price of vegetables.

As substitute now farmer can do animal husbandry for milk purpose. It is heard that so many dairy organizations are coming here for milk procurement. They will collect milk via SHG system. Payment would be done on weekly basis towards farmer’s bank account.

Dairy farming business might be a profitable source of income for agri farmers of North Bengal. They should take advantage of this. Earlier there was issue of selling milk during off season or rainy season. If dairy organization come hopefully this issue will be wiped out gradually.

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